• PowerKing Chiptuning is the fruit of over 25 years present in the world of road and competition preparations. Started in 1988 with the name of Turbo Tecnica (later T.T.E. Sport Equipments) with high level preparations (we supplied the Lancia racing department at the time of the Delta Evo Martini with modified turbo). We currently represent one of the leading companies at national level in the field of engine engine control unit remapping.

    Today the target is entirely focused on chip tuning for optimization of performance and consumption, development of optimized motor management software, additional digital control units for design and production, as well as development of the most advanced solutions in Italy for DPF / EGR problems.

    We have been Alientech distributors since 1995 and with original equipment we have a sales network of workshops located throughout the national territory (and beyond) to bring the know-how and quality of our services as close as possible to all users.

    All processes are based on high quality: this is why we have always invested in order to have cutting-edge equipment, skills and solutions.

    Our Italian office is in Gemonio, Via Clivio 10 (province of Varese) with a workshop dedicated to processing and experimentation.
    You can contact us at +39 0332 610618 or info@powerking.it

    We are present on the national and Swiss territory with PowerKing Service centers, able to supply the same quality and the same last generation software solutions.